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The Knome Story

Knome, along with some of my other projects would have been buried in memory. Giampiero has managed to take my incoherent ramblings and turn them into something beautiful. I am deeply grateful to him.
Follow each day of the creative process during the development of the card game, Knome.
This journal also contains a story; it’s a story about loss and things found again
Written by Singing Crow and crafted by animator Giampiero Randazzo, the book Knome - Restoring the Balance explores the enigma of being human.
There are so many secrets… and so little time.


The Kindle app is available on most devices, including iOS and Android.
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    During the evening, weave rivers and plant forests. During the morning light, raise the great water wheels and build workshops. If you weren’t here, the rivers wouldn’t weave and the forests would grow dark and grumpy…
    • Double-sided 54 Card Deck

      Each card has a day and night side. Certain actions can only be performed at night, while others are only available to the player during the day.

    • Build Industry, Gather Resources and Craft

      Lay down meadows and plant fields. Resources can be used to craft special items.

    • Every Game Carries Different Challenges

      No two games will be the same. As players navigate their way across new landscapes, they will have to juggle their time and resources carefully.

    • 1 - 4 Players

      Players can learn how to play at their own pace in the solitaire game before challenging their friends. Each game takes less than an hour to complete.

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    ‘At last I went to the artisans, for I was conscious that I knew nothing at all…’ -Socrates

    ‘I dream my painting and I paint my dream…’ -Vincent van Gogh

    Right Brain Theory

    Bobby Thom once described the right brain as primordial, holder of unconscious memories, full of intuition and old symbols.
    I agree with him! In fact, a crow once told me that, 'Each one carries the memories of all the generations before them.'

    To go without a name is a great sacrifice, but brings with it a reward…


    I live on the place where the Tillamook tribe once raised their cedar homes. Every year I am reminded why they lived here. When the hot weather sets in around us, a stiff breeze gathers itself across the bay and breathes cool air onto this place.
    How important it is to listen to the old ones, even if all that’s here are the memories they left.