The Knome Story

Follow each day of Singing Crow’s creative process as he develops the card game, Knome - Restoring the Balance.

As the game evolves, an intricate story emerges. The story reveals the secret to awakening the creative powers that are present in everyone.

Singing Crow’s journal quietly transforms into an engaging drama about overcoming grief and other limitations that hinder creative flow.

Take an unexpected journey



There hasn’t been a sighting here since the Second World War!

Why have they returned and why have they chosen me?

Every day a new visitor would arrive. Evidently they were all gathering for a special occasion. I’m not sure why they chose my place…

There is a story with a beginning and an end. Then it begins again.

It’s an unexpected journey into the enigma of being human.

“Singing Crow talks about his meeting with the Knome community, creatures who live in close contact with nature and remind us that we too are part of it. But we forgot about it. We have lost not only our balance, but also our humanity and belonging to it.” - Giampiero Randazzo*


A large hand reaches through the doorway

  • Released

    04 Oct, 2022

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